Academic Advising

Young tcc female student sits across from her academic advisor. The advisor holds and points to a pamphlet.

Your advisor is there to help you stay on course.

Work with your advisor to avoid mistakes like:

  • Taking classes you don鈥檛 need
  • Missing a class that is not offered every semester
  • Missing a prerequisite for a required course.

Enroll In Classes

Enrollment is open for the 2024 Summer and Fall semesters. 

If you are currently enrolled in 91影视 classes please for help enrolling in an upcoming semester. Please review our advising by appointment options for guidance.

Summer-Only Enrollment

If you're back home for the summer, this is the perfect time to earn credits that transfer to your university, take advantage of our Summer-Only Enrollment classes.

Advising by Appointment

Currently enrolled students 鈥 schedule an appointment with your assigned academic advisor for personalized support.

Assigned Advisors help students with the following during appointments:

  • Removing your academic advising hold
  • Degree planning
  • Discussing transfer options (if applicable)
  • Discussing degree progression and goal achievement
  • Making appropriate referrals to support services

Drop-in Advising

If you have a time-sensitive issue or have not been assigned an advisor, a drop-in service is available, both on-campus or virtual, to determine your next steps.

Drop-In Advisor鈥檚 help with:

  • Filing for graduation
  • Withdrawing from a course/turning in audit paperwork
  • Errors when registering for classes
  • Changing majors
  • Changing a course on their schedule

Before the start of the semester, you can use drop-in services to remove your academic advising hold if your assigned advisor's appointments are full. Please follow up with your assigned advisor on any advice you get to ensure it fits your plan.

Virtual Drop-in

No appointments are needed; students will be assisted on a first-come, first-served, virtual drop-in basis.

  • Mondays: 9 a.m. 鈥 7:30 p.m.
  • Wednesdays: 9 a.m. 鈥 5 p.m.

While signing into this service please provide a phone number and we will call or text you once it's your turn. Your advisor may request to move to a virtual meeting. Please be prepared to move to a virtual meeting using a web-enabled device.

On-Campus Drop-in

  • 惭辞苍诲补测鈥揟丑耻谤蝉诲补测: 9 a.m. 鈥 6 p.m.
  • Friday: 10 a.m. 鈥 5 p.m.

Meet With Your Academic Advisor

Your assigned advisor knows your goals and preferences and can give you the most accurate advice.

Your Responsibilities Each Semester

Degree Planning & Document Assistance

A degree audit through Degree Works helps you select courses that are required for your major and contains the following information:

  • The classes that remain to be taken within the chosen major.
  • Credits you鈥檝e already completed that apply to the chosen major.
  • Credits you鈥檝e completed that do not apply to the chosen major.

In order to access your degree audit on Degree Works, you must first declare a major and then visit an Academic Advisor.

All previous college transcripts must be turned in to the Records and Student Completion Services office, so credits can be evaluated and updated on your 91影视 transcript.

If there are questions about college transfer credits or possible course substitutions that need to be applied, visit an Academic Advisor.

If you need to submit a paper transcript or have questions about completing the following forms we are here to help. Meet with your advisor with any questions.

Affidavit of Intent Form